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September 22nd, 2011

Slow as molasses

It's slow, but it's happening: I am reclaiming the house bit by bit. Of course, the bits are microscopic, but there is hope that we will, some day (soon?), have a clean(ish) house. I'm keeping a tight rein on the part of me that wants to go hog wild and clean ALL THE THINGS, but seriously, that way lies madness. There's just so much that needs to be addressed that when I finally go to do something I end up just kinda standing there, frozen, not knowing what to do first. That doesn't mix with depression very well. Or illness. Or chronic back pain. In fact, that's pretty much why our home has fallen so far into this state because if you don't know where to start you end up not starting at all. BUT, I'm fighting that and making strides and that's the important thing. Slow and steady wins the race.

January 6th, 2011

A possible solution?

In desperation to discover why I keep getting this infection in my sinus cavity I looked up "recurring sinus infections" and learned a potential root cause! There was a study done, in 2005 I think, that showed a FUNGAL infection can be the root cause of bacterial sinus infections. The idea is that the fungus infection irritates the nasal passage, which produces more mucus, which keeps the area moist and primed for bacteria to flourish. If that's the case, then you need to treat the fungus otherwise you're in a no-win situation. The article said it was cutting edge stuff and most ENTs don't know or buy into it, but what I read really makes sense to me. I've been stuck in this cycle for nearly 2 years. Could this be the reason??

I'm doing more research and plan to ask my doctor about it on the 18th when I see him again.

October 6th, 2010

High on the weirdness meter

Recently, custardfairy has had trouble with strange men entering her home, as has another friend of mine. Those occurrences make me even more nervous about the incident I had this evening. Jason had just gotten home, so his car was parked in the driveway down by the sidewalk. The van was in it's accustomed spot pulled all the way up the driveway to the backyard in front of the garage (we have a long, 1 car wide driveway). The little guys were playing in the backyard and there were nylon play tents strewn around the van, and Justin, Jason, and I were in the house.

A guy knocked on the door; he was missing several teeth and came across as someone not quite up to blue collar level. There was a woman, not sure of her age, waiting in the passenger side of their blue truck. The guy asked me if we were looking to get rid of our van. I was really confused and thought maybe he had seen a van parked in the alley behind our house. He clarified by saying it was the mini-van and said something about it working, giving me the impression that he would've taken off our hands even if it didn't. I just told him "no" that it was ours and he said "OK" and left.

Ok, if the van was on the street, I might understand better. But it was pulled all the way up to the back of the house; how did he even see it? I mean, did the guy drive by slow enough to notice the backend of the van, then back up to be in front of our house so he could come up and ask if we wanted to sell it?

Creepy. Just creepy.

September 28th, 2010

This whole tight finances thing is really pissing me off now. I keep changing to cheaper brands on stuff, looking to save pennies all over the place and it keeps biting us in the butt. Don't get me wrong, I've had some good success in generic brand food/products, but the ones that failed, failed HARD. Bad tasting food? Ok, live and learn never buy it again. What's got me upset now is the rash that has covered Michael from head to toe!

He's always had drier skin, especially in wintertime, and it manifests as tiny bumps on his skin but no redness or anything (unless I neglect putting lotion on the worst patches). This current rash started out that way a couple weeks ago, around the time the hot weather died away. It hasn't really been dry, though, so I was a bit confused as to why he was starting to get bumpy already. Over the weekend it suddenly occurred to me that I also changed laundry detergent, trying out the brand ALDI carries. I have myself nearly convinced he's reacting to something in that detergent (possibly the enzymes as a FB friend pointed out). I happened to get a new detergent last time I went shopping and have just washed all of Michael's most recently worn clothes in it. It's Purex, which we've used before in dye/fragrance free form. I looked at the ingredient label where it lists actual ingredient names rather than the generic "anionic and non-anionic surfactants, and enzymes" listed on the bottle from ALDI. I did some research on enzymes and things put in laundry detergent and recognized most of the items on the Purex bottle as the usual fillers and organic surfactants and nothing that looked like the name of commonly used enzymes. We'll see if he gets any better :(

I've been treating him with Benadryl and putting some hydrocortisone on the rash and that seems to be helping. At least it doesn't look as angry red now. I'll give it a couple days and if it continues to appear now that he's wearing clothes washed in different detergent I'll take him to the doctor.

August 29th, 2010

Interesting day

I helped a friend today update the books in her library. She's bringing it out of the dark ages and giving all the books a barcode and entering them into the computer system. At the same time, she had me evaluate the non-fiction books I was working with to see if they were worth keeping in circulation. I was looking for content and appeal as well as condition of the book. There were some real humdingers in there that we were more than happy to put in the discard pile.

It felt really good to do something office-y, and I even got to employ skills/perceptions I've gained as a parent of school-age kids. It felt a lot like when I was temp, or when I would help out another department when work was slow in my own. It was interesting and kindof fun, albeit an overall tedious task. I seriously wish I could help her out more, but with school starting in a week, there's no more time.

August 16th, 2010

He loves me

Hee! One of Raja's daytime sleeping spots is on my robe on the floor of our closet. He's done this ever since my robe was pulled from it's hook a few weeks ago and, with it being in the closet and it not being cold enough to wear heavy terry cloth, I left it there. Michael pushed the robe out of the closet and into the main part of the room and I just found Raja sound asleep on it, out in the unprotected open room. Now that's love :)

August 6th, 2010


I've reached the point where getting a chiropractic adjustment makes me feel instantly more relaxed. I can feel the energy flow through me more easily and I just feel....GOOD. That feeling fades after an hour or so as my body gets accustomed to it's new position and realizes it's still out of alignment, but until that point it's so so nice :)

August 1st, 2010

Still going strong

The Boys
The night away last weekend did its magic and I'm still going strong, even with a bout of tonsilitis to liven things up. Michael has been whinier than ever, Justin switches between over-cuddly/must mess with people to must yell nastily at brothers without warning, and Ryan just cannot stop himself once he gets going with the silliness; and I'm dealing with it all pretty well still. I've made one important change: when I'm feeling even the tiniest bit stressed I do a negative energy release (outside whenever possible so I'm not just emptying that energy back into the house). It's not much, but it helps :)

Another Garden Discovery

Mint does not share well. I put parsley and mint in a nice sized pot and promptly watched the mint grow and spread like crazy while the parsley hid in it's little corner. Since I mostly use parsley and almost never use mint, this was not a useful situation for me. So I pulled all the mint today and discovered that sucker grows roots a mile long! They were twined all around the pot, literally taking over.

July 31st, 2010

Justin has always needed to be the one in control and it's even worse now that he's entered the Tweenstate. I had just told Ryan to find something else to do while he waited for Michael to finish using the computer and mentioned playing Mario (on the Wii). Which he did. Justin, who's on the laptop at the table and thus has nothing to do with the Wii, yells at him in a nasty, angry voice for turning it on, citing that he's "probably been on it all day" (Justin wasn't home this morning). Trying to keep an already volatile situation from exploding, I mentioned that I told Ryan he could play. Immediately upon hearing this, Justin changes his tone to one of quiet pleading, "Ryan, will you play my account and beat X for me?"

If I start *headdesk*ing now I'll be completely brainless by the end of the year, much less be able to survive this new territory Justin has jumped us into.
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